Guy Pedersen of GP Racing Suspension has been in in business since 1997. Guy prides himself on the fact that his labor prices haven't changed since then either. When you need a new rim laced up to your hub Guy can get that done for you. GP can also get you new steel or aluminum wheels for your four wheeled workhorse or playtoy.

If you have grown tired of pinching tubes when you change tires, GP Racing Suspension has a tire machine that removes busted knuckles and pinched tubes from that equation. Dirt Bikes, Street Bikes or 4 wheeled work horse or recreational vehicles all need fresh tires during their lifetime. GP can and will get you the tires you need at a fair price.

When your suspension on any of these vehicles needs a little TLC Guy has the skills to get you back in action, quick turn around times mean more time to ride.  

Suspension is the main attraction at GP Racing Suspension. Guy has completed the Race Tech suspension certification, and can use those skills to rebuild and fine tune your suspension. GP is also a distributor of many high end aftermarket suspension systems.